Debutantes and Squires

What is Debutantes and Squires?

The main purpose of Debs & Squires is simple – fundraising. But it is so much more. This initiative is seen as a year of service to the community and the school – it’s a time of giving back. Students who participate learn 2 valuable lessons – hard work pays off and one should always give to those less fortunate.

The funds raised are split between special projects at the school and various charities.

Every year we emphasize the importance of the Debs & Squires journey, being one of growth, development of character, teamwork, camaraderie and giving of one’s time, effort and fundraising for worthy causes.

Staff of Debs and Squires

The Debs and Squires is an extension of the Parent’s Association and the committee comprises of school and parent members. The team for 2023 has 19 dedicated ladies who work tirelessly to assist with school arranged events.

Typical Debs and Squires events each year

Some events have been held every year since the start of Debs & Squires – like the Matric Fashion Show and Talent Showcase, some have been around for a decade – such as Day Lilly bulbs and the Quiz Evening, and some are new events – the monthly Boot Sales, waiter shadowing and Tuckshop Market days. Our annual Christmas Market has been held every November since 2013 and is a highlight on our calendar, bringing in over 2000 visitors to enjoy a wide variety of over 100 stalls around the school.

The committee continually explores new events and fundraising opportunities.

Past projects and notable developments done at Northcliff High School through Debs and Squires
  • Pool renovation
  • Air-conditioning in the hall
  • Upgrade of gym & equipment
  • Upgrade of change rooms
  • Embankment seating
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Electronic boards
  • Cricket pitch upgrade

The Grande Ball is held in September every year, Debs wear white and Squires wear black and are presented to the guests consisting of the DS committee, school exec and parents.

Dancing is opened with each Deb or Squire waltzing with a parent.

The top earning Debutante and Squire each receive a floating trophy (the Squire trophy is the original that has been used since the start of their fundraising). The top 3 Debs & Squires also receive sashes and an invitation to the ball the following year.

Pfister Award

This is a trophy that is awarded to the student, as voted for by the Debs & Squires and committee, who showed true spirit, attended events, assisted others and uplifted the school at all times, irrespective of how much they raised.